K&G Visual holds industry's first and best

Pixel pitch and Transparency

We offer solutions as high resolution as P1.9 3000nits, as well as p2.8, p3.1 pitch to offer variety of possibilities at customer’s end. Many of our clients are astonished by its P1.9 resolution as it is 4 times more dot density compared to the standardized P3.9 pixel pitch in the industry.



Easy to ship, install, and maintain

Light-weight Design

With our incredible design team, we have one of the lightest cabinets in the market. With just over 6kg per 500x1000mm cabinets, you have the potential to own one of the most thinnest, lightweight and transparent LED solutions.



Incredible R&D team with

Customizable Modules

K&G Visual has incredible amounts of R&D investments, and we are one of the first to make thousands of types of modification to the transparent LED displays. Customization such as LED cabinet or module sizes, angles, pixel pitch, transparency rate, and much more, you are guaranteed to proceed with one of a kind project.



Longer durability and usability by

Self-heat Dissipation

With a unique design of transparent LED display, our product will last longer and stay brighter. As heat can damage many components, this solution brings customer satisfaction up another level.



Compared to non-transparent LED products,
you can save 50% or more on

Energy Savings

As our transparent LED display uses safe and highly efficient power systems, we guarantee you to save much more energy compared to regular non-transparent LED series.